Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Use Power Outage Alarm?

A good question! Power Outage Alarm was originally developed with two particular sets of users in mind:

  • restaurant owners - to avoid food spoilage when their refrigerators or freezers lost power supply;
  • keepers of tropical fish - to inform them when their tanks lose power so as to avoid trauma to, or even death of, their fish.

The restaurant at which we installed the first Power Outage Alarm is located in an area that has frequently suffered intermittent power outages and is on the edge of a small town. If a power outage occurs when nobody is on site, there can be a lengthy delay in getting the problem resolved. In such a sparsely populated area the outage sometimes only affects a small number of properties, and the power company might not be aware there is an outage until it’s reported.

Although originally developed with specific applications in mind, Power Outage Alarm could be used in many situations where consistency of the power source is important, and where steps need to be taken in the event of loss of power. Of course, it is important to point out that there may be times where Power Outage Alarm itself is unable to notify you, so it is no way a fail-safe system and should not be relied upon for critical systems.

Where Can I Get Power Outage Alarm?

Power Outage Alarm is currently only available for download at Google Play. If you download Power Outage Alarm from anywhere else, please bear in mind that it is an unauthorised source and may contain malicious code (malware) which may damage your device or the data stored upon it.

Why Would I Buy Power Outage Alarm Pro?

Certainly for some purposes, Power Outage Alarm Free will be enough. However, the additional features in Power Outage Alarm Pro may be useful for other situations making it well worth the modest cost. For example, knowing when the power is restored can save you a journey if you consider that knowing the power is back on means you no longer have to take any action. The logging of power outages makes it possible to track whether your Utility Provider is keeping to their terms of service. In the UK at least, if your Utility Provider fails to reach agreed standards of supply, then you are entitled to compensation. If you would like confirmation of this, check out this link to the UK Citizens Advice Bureau

Why Can’t You Guarantee That Power Outage Alarm Will Always Work?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the technology used, it isn’t possible to guarantee that Power Outage Alarm will always be able to notify you of a power outage. There are a number of things that could interfere with the service. For example the phone might not be able to connect to your mobile phone network because the mobile phone company’s network is down, or the Android operating system on the phone may have crashed. It could be that the phone credit has run out or expired and the mobile phone network therefore refuses to send the message. Because such situations are beyond our control it is important that you realise that it does not provide a guarantee that you’ll be informed of a power outage and bear in mind its limitations. If you need absolute certainty that you’ll be informed in the event of a power outage, the Power Outage Alarm is not the solution for you. However, if you’re prepared to take the risk that under certain circumstances you may not be informed of a power outage, but if you are informed it would be of benefit, then Power Outage Alarm can be a relatively inexpensive solution to knowing when there’s a power outage. We would always recommend that for the purposes of protecting yourself, your property and business that you utilize the best, most reliable systems available. Power Outage Alarm is simply a relatively inexpensive addition to your arsenal of resources.

Top Tips

  • Plug the device running Power Outage Alarm into the same socket, or a socket on the same circuit as the device you are trying to monitor. This means that if the failure is of a circuit within your premises, rather than a utility company failure, Power Outage Alarm will be able to detect it.
  • Select your mobile phone service provider that gives the best, most reliable coverage in the area that you will be using Power Outage Alarm. This will help to make Power Outage Alarm more reliable.
  • Periodically check your phone to ensure that it's still running as normal.
  • Remember to check that your phone has enough credit.